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What is KloNia?

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KloNia is a unique formula designed to support the body with healthy, sustainable energy. One of the main ingredients, Ecklonia Cava, has 100 times more antioxidants than any land based plant. These antioxidants provide crucial protection for the body's cells. Combined to create our unique formula, these herbs assist the body stregthen and rejuvinate. With KloNia's nutrient dense formula, you can FEEL it working!

Ecklonia Cava-A Rare Special Sea Weed

ecklonia cava

A rare species of sea grass (non endangered), Ecklonia Cava (ECE) is harvested from the sea in the regions of Korea. This rare underwater grass contains very unique, yet very potent polyphenols. Ecklonia Cava has been used in Asia for decades, only recently gaining recognition in the United States.


Over 30 million dollars of scientific research was done by Dr. Haengwoo Lee of Korea. According to this research Ecklonia Cava's free radical scavenging ability is more than 100 times that of any land based plant.

Ecklonia Cava also gives your body much longer protection as it is 40% fat soluble, while land based sources are water soluble.  As a result, they cannot penetrate the blood/brain barrier the way Ecklonia Cava is able to. The ECE anti-oxidants can stay in your system for as much as 12 hours, where as other anti-oxidants pass through your body and are expelled through the urine within 30 minutes. This has led to Ecklonia Cava being referred to as a Super Anti-oxidant.

The unique molecular makeup of Ecklonia Cava plays an important role in its ability to help support:


Sex Drive

Cardiovascular Benefits

Brain Health

Blood Glucose Levels


Ecklonia Cava has also been shown to support healthy:

Other studies show health support in the following areas:

The Other Ingredients of KloNia:

Camu Camu

camu camu

A Super Food. One of the highest natural sources of Vitamin C, estimated more than 30 times that found in oranges.

Amla Berry

amla berry

Known as Indian Goose Berry. Packed with a high density of polyphenols. Rich in Ellagic Acid – known to support clean arteries. Supports Kidney & Liver detoxification.

Aloe Vera

aloe vera

Super absorption into the cell walls. Soothing to your membranes and tissues. Assists the body in tissue repair and aids in proper elimination.

Cordyceps Mushrooms

cordyceps mushrooms

Rare fungus from the highlands of Tibet, known to help promote:

  • Strength, Stamina and Recovery.
  • Normal HDL levels.
  • Vitality and healthy oxygen levels.
  • Used by many male and female athletes.

Maca Root

macca root

Known to balance hormone levels naturally in men and women. Supports lasting energy and weight management. Helps reduce cravings. Acts as a type of reset button for the endocrine system for natural balance. High B12.

Lu Rong & Lu Jiao Jiao (Deer Antler)

deer antler

Supports a healthy pituitary gland which encourages your body to make your own HGH. Helps build strong, lean muscles. Increases energy & stamina.

Royal Jelly

royal jelly

Promotes healthy anti-inflammatory & anti-tumor responses. Packed with vitamins and minerals, royal jelly is known to promote lasting energy. Studies have shown it may improve cholesterol profile.

Yucca Root

yucca root

Studies have shown it can assist the body in buildup of oxygen free radicals. High in Resveratrol. Supports joint health. Attaches to cholesterol and doesn’t let it absorb in the body.

Yerba Mate’

yerba Mate'


  • Physical endurance without taxing the adrenal glands.
  • Digestion.
  • Weight Management.
  • Cardiovascular Function.
  • High in Anti-Oxidants.


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